Influential Women #15: Mary Lou Williams

The first woman I will write about in 2018, is Mary Lou Williams, born Mary Elfrieda Scruggs. I came across her in a Buzzfeed post I can’t seem to find back, and was instantly intrigued. Not only because Buzzfeed made her seem like a total badass, but also because she was one of the first women to be ranked along the greatest jazz musicians of all time. Exactly 37 years to this day was the last time she played the piano, at the age of 71, but she changed the music world significantly before that.


The Big 2

As some of you may know, I turned 20 in September. Yes, it’s true – I have been on this world for two full decades, and it feels like a  lifetime (though that’s probably because to me it actually is). It’s now been five months since that dreadful day, and I have found that 20 is probably the most confusing age to be. Am I a responsible adult? Am I an impulsive teenager? WHO KNOWS, NOT ME.