A Three Day Trip to the Unknown (Braving Barça)

Last week around this time I was walking the streets of Barcelona with two friends. Ten hours before that, we had no idea Barcelona was where we were going to end up. We had booked a city trip with srprs.me, an organisation which allows you to book city trips etc. without knowing where you’re going until the day you leave. As you can read here, here, here and here I’m not the type of person who goes without planning. It stresses me the hell out. Yet I loved this trip more than I ever thought I would – and this is why.

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Influential Women #12: Elizebeth Smith Friedman

When one talks about cryptology during the First World War, William F. Friedman is among some of the names that are often mentioned. William Friedman is most commonly known for his introduction of mathematical and scientific methods into cryptology, which strongly improved information systems security. What many people don’t know, however, is that it was his wife who introduced him to cryptology in the first place.

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The Value of Entertainment in History

Last Friday I visited the Archéosite d’Aubéchies, an experimental archaeology site where they rebuilt homes and objects from the bronze age up until the Gallo-Roman one, using mostly the same techniques as people used back then. We hadn’t even entered the site when our teacher told us that there were many parks like this, but not all had the same scientific value. With a hint of disapproval in her voice, she told us that many were more like amusement parks, focusing solely on the entertainment of visitors by history and not really on the actual historical aspects of the projects. I don’t believe that is something to disapprove of.Read More »