Being an Egocentric Bastard to Make the World a Better Place

When I started high school eight years ago, people were often picked on. Seeing this had a major effect on the development of my personality: I became a very helpful person, because I did not want to see people in pain. I still am today. However, I think it is important to remind myself, and others, that sometimes you just need to be an egocentric bastard.


*Aggressively Hums Theme Songs*

Anyone who has known me for longer than a month or two, knows that I do not listen to music very often. It simply does not have the effect on me it used to before. However, there’s one kind of music that still succeeds in making my heart beat a little faster every now and again: movie soundtracks. Why, you ask? Because I feel like soundtracks have the capability to convey a story regular popsongs simply cannot bring.

Set Back the Setbacks *Ba Dum Tss*

Setbacks. They’re not unusual. Everything is going alright, you’re healthy, school is going well, your friends and family are doing okay, in short: life’s good. Then suddenly misery strikes, and it feels kind of similar to being hit in the face by a metal cactus. Continuously. Everything around you collapses with the crushing sound of buildings being demolished, and you feel like there’s not a spark of happiness left. Now what?

The Post-Exam Void

FINALLY! MY EXAMS ARE DONE! But… now what? I’ve noticed a lot of friends sleeping the day away after their final exam, as a way to deal with the post-exams emptiness caused by the extreme stress-levels they’ve had to endure. However, I feel like there are better ways to deal with this stress-caused emptiness. It’s true that sleeping helps you relax, but after such a long time of constant pressure, taking a nap won’t help you much.