Chaos, Despair, and Research Papers

As some of you may know, I study English and Dutch literature and linguistics. This, of course, involves writing quite a number of academic papers. This semester I have to write a paper for English. In class, the theory of researching all sounded so logical – but right now, a few weeks in, it’s complete chaos. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has this problem. What the hell are we to do?


Ode to Old Friendships

Friendship. It’s an old and complicated thing, and I can’t say I’ve got it completely figured out yet. What I have figured out, though, is that the amount of years you’ve been friends with someone controversially most definitely matters. You’ll never hear me say that the friendships I have only recently developed are less valuable than the ones I’ve had since forever, but I do believe that there is a unique dynamic to a friendship that has lasted for years as opposed to more recent ones.

A Writer’s Love-Hate Relationship with Feedback

Fact: receiving feedback feels awful, it puts you in a vulnerable position and it makes you feel like you suck at writing, and that’s why you hate it. But also, fact: receiving feedback will make you a better writer in the long run. “What the fluff?” you wonder, “how is something that makes me feel so awful supposed to turn me into a better author?” Well, let me quickly break it down for you.

Being an Egocentric Bastard to Make the World a Better Place

When I started high school eight years ago, people were often picked on. Seeing this had a major effect on the development of my personality: I became a very helpful person, because I did not want to see people in pain. I still am today. However, I think it is important to remind myself, and others, that sometimes you just need to be an egocentric bastard.