The Academic “I”

Being in my second year at University, I’ve written quite a few papers by now, and I’ll probably have to write a whole bunch more the upcoming years. One of the first things we were taught to avoid when writing an academic essay, is the use of the personal pronoun “I”. They tell us this makes our texts seem too personal and thus less academic – and I’ve had enough of that. I think it’s complete and utter bullshit.


Tea and Boardgames FTW

About two months ago I was elected into the board of a students’ organisation. Not a regular one, though. The one I was elected for is one that focuses entirely on making new friends, talking, and drinking tea together. Yes, that’s it. The past few years these atypical students’ organisations seem to have become more popular, and I most definitely understand why.

Please Study with Me

Exams are coming, and it’s time to get serious. Everywhere I go I can see fellow students  with their nose stuck in syllabi. I admire them, those people, who are able to study in solitude. I know for sure I am not one of them. Personally, I’m most productive when I’m in a room filled with fellow students going through the same hell. But why?

University Horror Story: Week 6(66)

I am relatively sure most of you know the feeling: the semester only started a few weeks ago, things are going quite well, you’re doing your assignments and you’re writing your papers, so all’s cool. Then, suddenly, rumour spreads: the exam schedule is online. Startled, you go to check yours, and you quickly realise it’s already week 6. Only half a semester to go before exams start.