If This Is My Future

I am told America is where the future is made. The United States of Freedom, the nothing-to-millionaire American Dream. Big movie franchises, Ivy League universities, huge science conventions. The Land of Opportunities.

The land of mass shootings in secondary schools, the land where people are shot in the middle of the street because of the colour of their skin, the land where people try to speak up for themselves but are silenced or ignored, the land of poverty and unstable social security, the land of hate crimes, the land of an elitist education system, the land in which sexism is a joke.

The land in which women are dismissed for publicly speaking up about how they were mistreated just because they have a job in the spotlight.

The land in which people are being beaten up and harmed in the streets based on their sexuality or the colour of their skin and bystanders just film it to put it on the internet.

They tell me America is the future. The violence is already here. If America is the future, I want no part in it.

  • L. Parole

Yeah, You’re Right, Snow RUINS EVERYTHING!!!

Winter has come and as of today there’s a full on snow blanket all over the city I live in. Everyone around me is wet, cold, miserable, and spending every breathing minute complaining about it. Snow sucks, it ruins everyone’s day and no one has time for the consequences it brings.

It’s Not Too Early for Christmas

It’s been a good two weeks now since I first started whining to my parents to put the Christmas tree up. I’ve been full-on blasting Christmas songs since about the 15th of November, and I am now commonly known amongst my friends as the Christmas-obsessed one. Yet I keep hearing the same thing: it’s way too early for all that Christmassy stuff. Well, allow me to correct you.

A Three Day Trip to the Unknown (Braving Barça)

Last week around this time I was walking the streets of Barcelona with two friends. Ten hours before that, we had no idea Barcelona was where we were going to end up. We had booked a city trip with srprs.me, an organisation which allows you to book city trips etc. without knowing where you’re going until the day you leave. As you can read here, here, here and here I’m not the type of person who goes without planning. It stresses me the hell out. Yet I loved this trip more than I ever thought I would – and this is why.