Time for a Sad Excuse

In the past six months, I haven’t posted nearly as many blogposts as I meant to. The reason I failed to post consistently, is because the past 10 months have been extremely stressful to me. I made the tough decision to switch from university to college, because I lost all motivation to still make uni work. Instead, I pursued what had been my goal all along anyway: I started a teacher training. It should have been a nice change, and it was, but it was probably also the most anxiety-filled year I have ever lived.


Influential Women #19: My Mom

Today’s influential woman is my mother, because she sure as hell deserves a spot on this list. Yes, she’s a normal woman just like (you, maybe,) and me. But that doesn’t take away the fact that she’s been very influential – at the very least, for the past 20 years, to me. We always have been very close, and today I will share three things my mom has taught me.

“Maybe We Should Just Shoot Them All”

There’s been a lot of wildlife-stuff going on where I live, and it is not something we are used to. For months now the local news has been talking about wolves roaming the country,  blaming them for every single herd-animal death that has occurred (while most proved to have been caused by another animal), talking about how we should control wildlife, either by capturing the wolves or just shooting them. Wednesday, however, they took it up a notch.

If This Is My Future

I am told America is where the future is made. The United States of Freedom, the nothing-to-millionaire American Dream. Big movie franchises, Ivy League universities, huge science conventions. The Land of Opportunities.

The land of mass shootings in secondary schools, the land where people are shot in the middle of the street because of the colour of their skin, the land where people try to speak up for themselves but are silenced or ignored, the land of poverty and unstable social security, the land of hate crimes, the land of an elitist education system, the land in which sexism is a joke.

The land in which women are dismissed for publicly speaking up about how they were mistreated just because they have a job in the spotlight.

The land in which people are being beaten up and harmed in the streets based on their sexuality or the colour of their skin and bystanders just film it to put it on the internet.

They tell me America is the future. The violence is already here. If America is the future, I want no part in it.

  • L. Parole