Watching Superhero Movies: an Origin Story

Superhero movies used to bore me. I roll my eyes at revenge plots, I yawn my way through action scenes, I find myself worrying who’s going to pay for the city’s infrastructure. During these years of intense superhero hype, all I’ve wanted is for Hollywood to ditch the spandex suits and be done with it. Surely, we’ve had enough?


The Weird Beauty of Graphic Novels

Hello there, I’m Sophie and I have never settled on one thing in my life. If anybody asks me: science or humanities, tea or coffee, cats or dogs, rock or pop etc, my ultimate response is: why not both? These are not mutually exclusive things, people! The same goes for my taste in visual art. As much as I adore Schiele, Chagall, Breughel and other creators of “high” art, I am equally thrilled to hold a good graphic novel as I am to see their paintings in person.

How to deal with a writer’s block?

Do you often wonder where the creative Gods have been lately? They let you down, didn’t they? You’ve been wanting to write something remarkable, for what? 6 or 12 months now? But that simply doesn’t happen. INSPIRATION. Where are you, I need you, this is a desperate call for help! But after all these months of waiting, wasting your valuable writing time, you should try to do this on your own. So let’s get started!