“Maybe We Should Just Shoot Them All”

There’s been a lot of wildlife-stuff going on where I live, and it is not something we are used to. For months now the local news has been talking about wolves roaming the country,  blaming them for every single herd-animal death that has occurred (while most proved to have been caused by another animal), talking about how we should control wildlife, either by capturing the wolves or just shooting them. Wednesday, however, they took it up a notch.

A week or so ago, 15 deer broke loose and escaped into the woods in quite nature-filled region. Up until now, no one has been able to capture them, and people are worried that they might run into the road and cause car accidents. To avoid this, someone proposed a “solution”: “Maybe we should just shoot them all.” Yes, that’s right – people are currently debating whether or not the 15 deer should just simply be shot dead to avoid the mere chance that one might run into the road and maybe cause an accident. What the hell?

As you can imagine, this caused outrage. No one seems to notice that this just-shoot-them attitude is something that’s been dragging on for months now. People seemed to be able to understand why the wolves had to be shot: they probably linked them to the big-bad-wolf imagery everyone grows up with, depicting wolves as evil creatures that only cause harm. Yet now the same thing is probably going to happen to a bunch of deer, Bambi as you will, and everyone’s getting up on their hind legs, feeling all morally righteous when they say that those deer did nothing wrong.

Frankly, I find it disgusting that people even consider shooting innocent animals just because they happen to be inconvenient to them. However, what I find even more disturbing, is the fact that people are utterly okay with the brutal murder of one kind of animal, and get all outraged by the mere possibility another, supposedly cuter animal might get shot. It’s blatant hypocrisy at its finest, and I hope one day people will see the light.

  • L. Parole
Sources are mostly in Dutch: De Standaard 1, De Standaard 2,  and De Redactie.

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