Yeah, You’re Right, Snow RUINS EVERYTHING!!!

Winter has come and as of today there’s a full on snow blanket all over the city I live in. Everyone around me is wet, cold, miserable, and spending every breathing minute complaining about it. Snow sucks, it ruins everyone’s day and no one has time for the consequences it brings.

For starters, snow is gross. The snow on the road melts quickly and turns into this disturbing grey mush that gets into your shoes and clothes and freezes every single part of you. Besides that it’s slippery and cold. There can’t be a single soul out there that hasn’t almost broken their back by now. If only there were such things like “winter jackets” and “waterproof shoes”… If only people would be physically capable of checking the weather reports in the morning and dress in a way that would prevent them from freezing (or slipping) to death once the snow falls! If only, if only.

And what’s maybe even worse: traffic is jammed as hell. Cars are stuck in traffic, busses are overcrowded and far behind schedule, bikers can’t bike home because of the ice, you name it. People need to walk home, and they don’t like it. It sucks, right? Having to drag yourself through gorgeous snowy (city)landscapes, breathing in the fresh post-snow air, feeling the cold snow melt on your face? Why on earth would anyone want to waste time to stop and take it all in for a second? No one is impressed by your power to literally paralyse an entire city in a matter of minutes, Nature.

Besides that, it’s so annoying to be this happy when you finally do get home. Nobody likes the feeling of relief and warmth once they get home after ploughing through the snow for a good hour. I can’t think of a single person that would enjoy putting on warm clothes, making themselves a hot cup of tea, wrapping themselves in a bunch of blankets and settling in front of the TV while the lights in the Christmassy tree are doing their Christmas lights thing. That doesn’t sound like an enjoyable evening at all!

Note the sarcasm. My dear friends, don’t waste your precious days whining about the weather. Complaining about the snow is not going to make it go away. You might as well enjoy it. Walk home and look around for once. The world’s really not as shitty as it seems at first, if you’re willing to see it.

  • L. Parole

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