It’s Not Too Early for Christmas

It’s been a good two weeks now since I first started whining to my parents to put the Christmas tree up. I’ve been full-on blasting Christmas songs since about the 15th of November, and I am now commonly known amongst my friends as the Christmas-obsessed one. Yet I keep hearing the same thing: it’s way too early for all that Christmassy stuff. Well, allow me to correct you.

See, once Halloween is over people tend to fall into a void of start-of-winter depression  because the weather is starting to get very cold and very rainy, because exams are coming, because they still have two work for two more months before they finally get a break and they’re tired, etc., etc. Now, if only there’d be a way to cheer things up a little… Oh! Wait a minute! That’s right: by simply putting up a Christmas tree and blasting some way-too-jolly songs things seem to instantly appear a lot brighter. Bye-bye, seasonal depression!

It’s of course definitely possible that it’s not really the short days of winter bringing you down, but you just happened to seriously dislike the season. It’s cold, it’s wet, and you have to bike to school or work and back home for half an hour every day. Yet you have to admit: is there anything more cosy than being safely inside in winter, sitting by the window sipping tea, listening to some less-jolly-but-still-jolly Christmas music and watching the people outside suffer and cry as they try to bike through the weather? No, that’s right, there isn’t.

And then there’s that other group: they’re not telling me it’s too early because of Winter Blues or bad winter moods, but because they’re the perfectly happy Christmas-haters. The people who proudly proclaim that they hate Christmas and everything it stands for. YOU’RE A MEAN ONE, MR. GRINCH. Christmas is one of the very few Western holidays that focuses entirely on giving rather than taking, on caring about your family, about friends, and even about complete strangers. And if you’re happy hating on a holiday like that, then I’d take a moment to sit down and re-evaluate your life choices.



  • L. Parole




To read more about seasonal depression (and it being common as hell):

! If you or anyone you know is experiencing an extreme form of SAD, do not let it go unchecked. I jokingly addressed the issue in this blogpost, but SAD can easily grow into a fairly bad depression in general, so it is important to help those who feel like it’s going further than some winter blues.


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