The Major Log Off

Sometimes I get the urge to be special. I can’t shake the feeling that I need to set myself apart from everyone, that I need to be different and unique. With me, this feeling usually materialises in a form of complete digital isolation: I delete all social media apps from my phone (except for Snapchat, because you know, streaks) and I only check them once a day, right before I go to bed, on my computer. These Major Log Offs as I like to call them happen for a few days every three to four weeks , and I like to think of them as some sort of social media cleanse (because, as with any cleanse, I usually follow them up with extreme social media indulgence). Despite that, I don’t think these Major Log Offs are really a bad thing at all – on the contrary.

I’m about to sound like the most rudimentary stereotype of a hipster that you can possibly imagine, but it’s no secret that my entire generation is absorbed by their phones, me included. We are constantly snapping each other pictures, texting, scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, reading articles and online books, watching videos, shopping online, playing videogames, browsing music, and, well, blogging. More than half of our lives is digital – we can hardly imagine anymore what it would be like to not be *~connected~*. And that leaves me wondering… what would it be like? Would I go outside more? Would my TBR pile not be this massive? Would I be more succesful? Would my social skills benefit from it? Would I live the adventures I see and read about on the internet? Would I have more fun? Would I enjoy the little things more? Would I be happier?

The answer to all these questions is probably no, you wouldn’t be – but that’s not a very satisfying answer, is it? It is weird to long for a time you never lived in, but I sometimes do: a time when people still visited each other at their houses, a time when people met up for coffee when they wanted to chat, a time when phone calls didn’t scare the shit out of 90% of my generation. I guess these Major Log Offs are my way of trying to experience what that is like.

Besides, I’m not going to lie: the silence is extremely nice. My phone is usually constantly buzzing – Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc., it’s really no wonder phone batteries nowadays are so easily drained. Temporarily deleting most social media apps for a while obviously significantly reduces these constant distractions, and frankly leaves me a lot more peaceful and calmer than I usually am. It gives me time to focus on other things I like, for example reading and writing, or playing with my dog. I know this sounds extremely cliché, but give it a shot. You never know what will come your way.

In the end, I know I would never be able to go on a Major Log Off like this for longer than a week or two, but to be brutally honest, I wouldn’t be able to go without one either.


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