Pause, Friend

Dear reader,

Given I am a university student, I have the honour of going through exams twice (who am I kidding, *thrice) a year. Even though I have a whole bunch of posts lined up and ready to go, I have made the decision not to post anything from now on until the end of June. I could give you a whole bunch of sophisticated reasons for this, but the truth is that I just get too excited (or disappointed) about how many views I get, and I need my full attention to go to studying, not to OMG I GAINED TWO FOLLOWERS AND I GOT TWENTY MORE VIEWS THAN I DID ON MY PREVIOUS POST.

I will see (read: write to) you all again from the 27th of June onwards. Thank you for understanding, and good luck to all of those who have to go through the same misery as me next month.

’til then, yo-ho,

  • L. Parole

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