Unblock Yourself 101

As you may have noticed, I did not post a single blogpost last week. I mentioned on my Facebookpage that that was because of school – but that wasn’t the entire truth. I usually have no problem coming up with a post three hours before the deadline. However, the main reason I couldn’t do so last week was because I just really had no clue what to write about. I found dozens of topics, but none about which I could fluently write an interesting post. I was stuck in a block I could not get out of.

Was, I say, as if you and I don’t know that the fact that I’m writing about a writer’s block means that I am still. fluffing. blocked. But you and I also both know that the only way to get out of a block, is to just keep on writing regardless. I know, I know – that’s easier said than done. But it’s not because it isn’t easy we shouldn’t try, so that’s why I’m going to write and post this blogpost anyway, despite of whether or not I will like it in the end. I’m not going to let a simple block stop me from getting words onto paper. I can overcome this, but not if I just accept it and stop writing.

Something else that can help a writer overcome a writer’s block, I’ve heard, is to read. Lots of you probably thought “hasn’t she posted about a writer’s block already?” Frankly, no, I have not – but my friend Jana has, as a guest blogger. She doesn’t know it (yet), but she’s the one who inspired me to write this post. When I realised I was blocked, I remembered that she wrote a post about having a writer’s block for LParole.com last month. The first thing I did to solve this problem was read her post – and even though it didn’t help me to get rid of my writer’s block, it did help me to write a post about it. So thanks, Jana. You brought me one step closer to being able to write again.

Something else I find helpful, and I’m going to completely contradict the last two paragraphs I just wrote, is to stop writing for a while. I made the conscious choice not to post anything the past week, in the end not really because I couldn’t, because I’m sure I would have come up with *something* eventually,  but more because I needed the break. Sometimes, a writer’s block is your mind trying to tell you something: “please take a break from stressing over your writing like that.” You must find it in your heart to listen to that – not forever, but for a while. Give the writing-part of your brain some rest, and force yourself to write again a week later.

I am positive that if you keep these three small things in mind, you can overcome the writer’s block you’re experiencing. But I can hear you guys think, “what do you know about it, you just literally said you are stuck in a block you can’t get out of?” Well, true. But I just wrote this post, did I not? Guess I could get out of it after all. I just had to listen to my own advice. #BlockOver.

  • L. Parole

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