Nobody Cares What You Ate Last Night

Blogging always seemed so easy to me. You just sit down and start writing, get it published and that’s it. But after four months of doing it myself, I know better now. There are so many things you need to think of: frequently posting, finding the topics, finding the time, and, most importantly, writing things that people find interesting – and especially that last one isn’t easy. The easiest pit to fall in, is to write about your personal life.

Let’s be real: we all like to talk about ourselves, and blogging makes it so easy to be like HEY! LOOK AT ME! I DID AN INTERSTING THING AND YOU SHOULD ALL READ ABOUT IT! It’s tempting to write about something you did or something that happened to you, but if you want to become a somewhat successful blogger, you need to face the truth: nobody cares. Your mom might want to read about what you did all day, and some of your closest friends might be interested, but no one else will give a fluff. People want to read about something they can relate to – and frankly, you going to buy that one specific type of donut in this one specific store, then going home and eating it is not very relatable.

I can already hear everyone thinking: “isn’t it a bit cheap to adjust your blog’s content just so more people would like it?” Frankly, no. When you write a blog, you need to actively think about your reader. What’s the audience you want to attract? If you only want to reach family and friends, sure, go ahead and turn it into a diary – but if you’re thinking bigger than that, the personal blog-style is just not going to work. If you want to write about your day and what you did, go ahead – but write it in a diary, or a side-blog. Keep your main blog for more general topics, things you think might attract the audience you want to attract, things that might help you grow as a blogger.

“But I write my blog for myself, not for anyone else,” you say. And that’s totally fine – I know plenty of people who simply don’t want to write for a reader. But then bear in mind that your audience will adjust to that. I personally write about a lot of different topics, and with every topic, my audience changes. My posts about writing usually get the least views, whereas the ones about life in general often get double the views I can usually expect. If you sincerely write your blog for yourself and yourself only, the lack of interest for it won’t bother you. But if it does, maybe you do kind of expect a bigger audience, and then maybe you should start thinking about ways to engage such an audience.

If you feel slightly attacked by this blogpost because you recognise yourself in it, just take this piece of advice from me: sit down with a notebook, and think about what you expect from your blog and your audience. Then, act to reach that goal. Write posts that will attract the audience you want. I promise you that, once you’ve got that all figured out, things will start running a lot smoother for your blog.

  • L. Parole



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