How to Get the Friend of the Year Award 101

My bank account can confirm it: something I really love to do, is buy people gifts. Birthdays are my favourite days of the year, along with Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I’m not talking about the generic gifts like chocolates, gift cards, booze, or a card – I’m talking about gifts you actually have to put some thought in.

For starters, where’s the fun in going to the store and just buying a box of chocolates and a card? I find it so much more enjoyable to first find out what someone would like, then to figure out what kind of gift relates to that best, and then to go look for the perfect one. I know, I know, it takes a lot more effort and time, but in the end it’s totally worth it. Not only do you get the satisfaction of getting someone a really cool gift, but you can also be pretty sure that the person you’re giving it to will be sincerely happy with it.

Another reason why it’s so amazing, is because, as the semantics of “personal gift” suggest, it’s a lot more personal. Anyone could give your friend one of the standard gifts like gift cards and booze, but only you know them well enough to actually figure out something that really fits their personality and what they like. Besides that, you could even add some stuff to it (like a letter, some pictures or something that relates to a memory you share) that makes it even more personal. Can you collect that Friend of the Year prize already?

Besides all that, the main reason why I love it so much is because people are always so surprised when you get them something they actually like. Surely they would have been happy with a gift card or a bottle of wine, but that one music album they’ve been wanting for so long is not only an awesome gift, but it also shows that you really did the effort to figure out what they like and looked for something that fit that. They didn’t expect anyone to really do so much effort, so they’re twice as happy when someone actually does.

In the end, gift-giving can be so amazing for both the giver and the receiver if you put some effort in it, so why wouldn’t you? Don’t waste your time on the standard gifts. Sure, it’s kind of you that you get them something, but is it memorable? Just go ahead and go on a mission to figure out what your friend really wants. It’s worth it.



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