The Struggles of an Ambivert

The ambivert: a rare species whose behaviour can be unpredictable and therefore pretty damn annoying. A.K.A., me. One day I’ll talk for hours, message all my friends at the same time and force at least one person to go out with me; the other I’ll walk around the house wrapped in blankets, whining to my dog (yes, my dog) about how people never leave me alone. The ambivert-life isn’t easy, guys.

For starters, a lot of people often confuse ambiverts with people who have loads of moodswings. “What do you mean you don’t feel like going out? But yesterday you said you were looking forward to it?” In reality, however, our mood doesn’t really have anything to do with it. If your ambivert-friend suddenly wants to stay at home, it just means they’re leaning more towards their introvert side then – IT DOES NOT MEAN I AM SAD, DAMN IT. They may have been feeling all excited yesterday, but sometimes they just really need some time to be by themselves, and there’s not really anything you can do about that. It’s just who we are.

However, our friends aren’t the only ones who get confused by our ambivert behaviour: we do, too. You could be sitting in the sofa all by yourself, relaxing, peacefully reading a book or watching a series, eating a pot of ice cream, your blanket all wrapped up around you, and then suddenly realise you’re feeling kind of lonely. So you grab your phone and text a bunch of your friends: some attention will do you good… until those friends actually start responding to your texts, and your phone’s buzzing non-stop, and you just want to throw it against the wall and yell “LET ME READ IN PEACE“. We don’t really know what we want either, sometimes.

Something else I’ve experienced frequently myself, is that it takes so much effort to go out. Not to set up a date with friends, but to actually go to said date when the time comes. More often than not I literally have to drag myself to the bathroom to get ready, *deep sigh*, and then I still just end up sitting there for a good ten minutes, doing completely nothing besides convincing myself that I should really be getting ready now, before I actually do so. However, once I’m actually all done and finally close the front door behind me, it often feels as if the weight is lifted off my shoulders, and I get really excited to meet up with my friends again.

There’s no denying it: we can be such annoying friends to have sometimes. But if you look beyond the ambivert-struggles, you’ll realise you’ve got one hell of a good friend alongside you: someone you can go out to fancy restaurants with, and at the same time also someone to have pajamas-parties with, watch netflix and eat chocolate until you feel like you’re going to throw up. I’m just saying… we’re pretty cool.

  • L. Parole

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