How to deal with a writer’s block?

Do you often wonder where the creative Gods have been lately? They let you down, didn’t they? You’ve been wanting to write something remarkable, for what? 6 or 12 months now? But that simply doesn’t happen. INSPIRATION. Where are you, I need you, this is a desperate call for help! But after all these months of waiting, wasting your valuable writing time, you should try to do this on your own. So let’s get started!

Getting Started

If your writer’s block is caused by this particular story, or even book, that you have (not) been working on, just sweep that thing aside (for now). The trick is to get yourself writing again, whatever it is. It can be crap, crap is good. Let’s say it out loud: “crap is good”. Now shout it! Yes!!! See what you did there? You’re already making progress. Here are four tips to finally write again:

  1. Go on an adventure. You can go to a place that you love like Starbucks, the park, the train station or the airport, but don’t forget to bring your notebook! Describe what you see and especially observe the details. You can focus on a detail like a few crumbles on a table, to then zoom out to the people who have left it there. What did they eat? Who are they? Why are they here?
  2. Start a conversation. If you feel particularly confident you can also start talking to a stranger, to later type it out. In that way, you’re practicing your writing skills. Your dialogues will seem more genuine and real. You might even be facing your new protagonist! There are so much stories surrounding you! You only have to look, and the inspirational Gods will definitely come running after you. Just like that!
  3. Look at the magic web. However, if you don’t feel quite adventurous today, you can still browse Pinterest. Create a mood board, look at some inspirational quotes or at some beautiful places where you can set your story. You might as well read a blog about how to deal with a writer’s block. 🙂
  4. Find your writing squad. Contact some friends who might also be writing a story, or maybe they just want to write an academic paper. Try to regularly meet to write, and stick to those appointments! Now if you don’t write, you won’t only let yourself but also your friends down. A little peer pressure never hurt nobody. And if you get stuck again, you can still count on your friends for support. Maybe they’re even willing to give you constructive feedback and some good writing advice.

Good luck!

  • Jana Bijoux

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