The Wonderful World of Blogging

It has been three weeks since I started this blog. As nervous as I was to begin one all by myself, I know now that it really was the best thing that could have happened to me. It’s so amazing to have my own little corner of the internet, and I would recommend it to everyone. Why, you may ask? Well, allow me to explain to you why blogging is this wonderful.

Firstly, blogging is such an individual thing. There’s not one way of blogging correctly. You guys are used to me posting semi-personal blogposts once or twice a week, usually about writing or reading or things I feel strongly about, which often consist of an introduction, three paragraphs and an outro. However, just look at the blogs of my friends Belgian World Citizen and Miss Morose – they’re so different from mine! Blogging is a way of expressing yourself through words, and there’s no right way to do it. That’s one of the things that makes it so wonderful to me.

A second reason why I think it’s this wonderful, is because it gives you a space to not only write down your thoughts (because you could do that in a diary too, of course) but also to share them with your friends and family, and random strangers that somehow come across it. It gives you the chance to share your opinion with the world, and if you’re lucky the world might even actually bother to listen – even if it’s only about silly and insignificant stuff like blogging or how much you love dogs.

Thirdly, I think it’s an amazing way to keep up the writing practice without all the pressure of “I HAVE TO FINISH THIS STORY”. It’s not that big of an effort to write a five-paragraph text, but it’s still long enough of a text to think analytically about it. I’ve noticed that there’s a difference in the way I think about texts already compared to how I thought about them back in December, so that can only be a good sign. It usually also doesn’t take very long to write a short text like this, and I still get the fulfilment of writing something for myself as opposed to something for school.

I could sum up so many more reasons why I adore blogging, but if you need more you will just have to ask me in person, if you know me in real life. 😀 Either way, I feel like everyone should have their own little space on the internet, even if it’s just for the sake of it.

  • L. Parole

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