The first thing people usually get to know about me when I meet them is that I really like dogs (often followed by me forcing people to look at pictures of mine). However, dogs really aren’t that great – they destroy their toys, they eat things they should not be eating, they love to get dirty, they whine, they get sick, and they need tons of attention. So why the hell do I love that little fluffer so much?

Well, for starters, there is something very unconditional about the love of a dog. When you treat them right, they will always be loyal to you, no matter what happens. A dog will look up to you and love you regardless of how you dress, who you go out with, how you talk and what decisions you make. It is something you can rely on – you will always come home to someone who is happy to see you. For their entire lives you will be the person they love and trust more than anything, and nothing can change that.

Besides that, dogs are extremely grateful animals. Have you ever given a dog a gift? Or even something smaller – a treat? I’ve never seen a person jump up and down because you give them a teeny tiny bit of food – but with dogs, that’s different. They will wag their tail, jump around (until you tell them to sit) and look at you excitedly, and they’ll be so extremely happy with that one little, insignificant treat you gave them, no matter how small it is. They’ll eat it like it’s the best thing they’ve had in years.

Furthermore, dogs are incredibly happy animals. Sure, they can be sad and quiet too sometimes, but I personally feel like they spend at least 80% of their time being generally content. They’re constantly playing, walking around satisfied, peacefully sleeping, joyfully eating the food you gave them and just generally enjoying their life. The optimistic and positive vibe dogs bring into a home is something we could learn much from nowadays, pessimists as we all are.

However, every dog is different. Maybe I just got lucky with mine, and maybe the stories I’ve heard about my friend’s dogs mean they got lucky with theirs, too. But as far as my experience goes, every dog I’ve met so far was a walking and barking sparkly bubble of joy, loving their family unconditionally. So my questions is: how the hell could you not love dogs?


(This is mine, by the way. LOOK AT HOW CUTE HE IS.)


  • L. Parole

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