Nobody Cares What You Ate Last Night

Blogging always seemed so easy to me. You just sit down and start writing, get it published and that’s it. But after four months of doing it myself, I know better now. There are so many things you need to think of: frequently posting, finding the topics, finding the time, and, most importantly, writing things that people find interesting – and especially that last one isn’t easy. The easiest pit to fall in, is to write about your personal life.


Tea and Boardgames FTW

About two months ago I was elected into the board of a students’ organisation. Not a regular one, though. The one I was elected for is one that focuses entirely on making new friends, talking, and drinking tea together. Yes, that’s it. The past few years these atypical students’ organisations seem to have become more popular, and I most definitely understand why.

The Magic of History

Ever since I was a child I have been strongly fascinated by history. Not really in an outspoken kind of way, but in a “my-brother-is-obsessed-by-history-and-I’m-secretly-stealing-his-history-books-from-his-room” kind of way. (He never knew until now, if he’s reading this. #sorrynotsorry) It was my guilty pleasure: stealing the books and teleporting myself to times long gone. You probably wonder why. It’s quite simple: to me, history is the one thing that comes closest to magic.

How to Get the Friend of the Year Award 101

My bank account can confirm it: something I really love to do, is buy people gifts. Birthdays are my favourite days of the year, along with Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I’m not talking about the generic gifts like chocolates, gift cards, booze, or a card – I’m talking about gifts you actually have to put some thought in.