Quiet Nights FTW

Ever since this academic year started my life has changed drastically. Not only did I take over the Creative Writing Group, but I also became a part of two student organisations – and recently I even became part of the board of one. It’s been busy, and I haven’t been home all that much. As fun as it has been, however, I still prefer staying in over going out.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been having more fun than I ever thought possible. But despite of that, I miss the evenings that consist of no more than sitting in the sofa with my mother, both of us wrapped fully in blankets, drinking tea, cuddling our dog and binge-watching series for hours. There’s something so very peaceful and cosy about nights like this. As much fun as I have going out with friends, I would not want to lose those  peaceful nights-in with my mother for anything in the world.

Besides that, I’m quite an energetic person. (I can already hear all my friends laughing at this understatement.) I love to light up the room and cheer up everyone in it. However, this means that I definitely need some time to calm down before I go to bed, otherwise I won’t be able to sleep at all. Whenever I go out, I kind of miss out on that, because I’m still in full energy mode once I go to sleep. When I stay in, I have plenty of time to calm down, so I am a lot better rested the day after.

On top of that, I have noticed that I can switch quite quickly from being extraverted and energetic to being introverted and calm (there’s probably a label for that too somewhere). This means that I enjoy going out, meeting new people and talking to friends a lot one day, but that I really need some me-time the next. If I’d not have some evenings “off” to read books, watch series or prepare blog posts, the going out would start to get way too exhausting to me.

So, in short, not only does my preference go out to staying in, but I also just simply need those quiet nights to function properly in general. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like going out – not at all. But without those peaceful and quiet nights, I just wouldn’t be me.

  • L. Parole

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