University Horror Story: Week 6(66)

I am relatively sure most of you know the feeling: the semester only started a few weeks ago, things are going quite well, you’re doing your assignments and you’re writing your papers, so all’s cool. Then, suddenly, rumour spreads: the exam schedule is online. Startled, you go to check yours, and you quickly realise it’s already week 6. Only half a semester to go before exams start.

How? What? When the fluff did this happen? The peace and calm you somehow managed to maintain throughout the past few weeks disappears faster than you can say “help”. In the blink of an eye half a semester has already gone by, and before you know it another dreadful exam period will be at your doorstep. Panic bubbling up, you realise you can’t afford to lose any more time than you already have: you need to stop spending entire afternoons working on assignments and papers right now. You decide that it’s time to get it together and start to actually study.

But how the fluff are you supposed to do that? As you want to start preparing your syllabi for studying, you realise they’re all over the place: there’s a big stack of loose papers on your desk, another stack on the ground next to your desk, there’s half a syllabus in your gym bag because you didn’t feel like dragging along two bags to school three weeks ago, and you haven’t got the slightest clue where you left the other half. Why did you do this to yourself? Time to spend an entire Sunday frantically collecting loose papers, notes, books and syllabi spread all throughout the house.

Once that is done you have probably successfully cleaned your room, made a study schedule for the upcoming week, told some friends you’re going to start studying soon, neatly ordered your syllabi, gathered all the books and notes you need, and likely even made a list of stuff you still need to get before the exams start (highlighters, 600 pens just in case, post-its, motivation, …). That’s great, but it is weighing on your conscience that as much as you have done, there’s one thing you’ve been avoiding: to actually study.

Don’t worry: you are not alone. Week 6 is this hard because you need to push yourself to get going, but once you actually start, I am certain you will be okay. It’s just a matter of making yourself do it, even when every single cell in your body is telling you that “you will be okay if you start next week too”. We have to fight it. We can fight it. Together we can defeat the horror that is week 6.

  • L. Parole

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