Quiet Nights FTW

Ever since this academic year started my life has changed drastically. Not only did I take over the Creative Writing Group, but I also became a part of two student organisations – and recently I even became part of the board of one. It’s been busy, and I haven’t been home all that much. As fun as it has been, however, I still prefer staying in over going out.


Tale as Old as Time

When I was about six years old, I used to spend a lot of time at my grandmother’s house. There, she had VHS versions of what seemed to little me as every single Disney movie imaginable, and I would spend entire afternoons watching them. One of the movies that stole my heart back then was Beauty and the Beast. This is the movie that got me into reading from a very young age, and it has shaped my life up until now.

University Horror Story: Week 6(66)

I am relatively sure most of you know the feeling: the semester only started a few weeks ago, things are going quite well, you’re doing your assignments and you’re writing your papers, so all’s cool. Then, suddenly, rumour spreads: the exam schedule is online. Startled, you go to check yours, and you quickly realise it’s already week 6. Only half a semester to go before exams start.

Chaos, Despair, and Research Papers

As some of you may know, I study English and Dutch literature and linguistics. This, of course, involves writing quite a number of academic papers. This semester I have to write a paper for English. In class, the theory of researching all sounded so logical – but right now, a few weeks in, it’s complete chaos. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has this problem. What the hell are we to do?