The Post-Exam Void

FINALLY! MY EXAMS ARE DONE! But… now what? I’ve noticed a lot of friends sleeping the day away after their final exam, as a way to deal with the post-exams emptiness caused by the extreme stress-levels they’ve had to endure. However, I feel like there are better ways to deal with this stress-caused emptiness. It’s true that sleeping helps you relax, but after such a long time of constant pressure, taking a nap won’t help you much.

I think that we can all agree that dealing with something actively has always brought us further than dealing with something passively. From that we can learn that you will have to find a way to relax in a more consciously aware way. If we take “actively dealing with it” in a very literal sense, you could for example go to the gym. If you’re not feeling that active, you could also just stroll around the city with friends, or go and take a long walk in a neighbourhood park. Either way, doing some physical activities will do both your mind and body good.

If you’re not that much of an active person, you could also just meet up with friends, assuming most of you will be done by now. Go out to eat somewhere, maybe go to see a movie you’ve been looking forward to, go spend all your money, … Just make sure you are outside of your house and together with people you care about. Doing something nice with friends is certainly going to relieve you from at least some of the stress you have been dealing with, because you’re bound to have fun, and having fun means you will relax.

Of course I know that there are indoors-y people out there, too, who prefer the solitude and comfort of their home. Still, even for you, taking a nap does not need to be the only option you have. Why not clean your room, redecorate it a little? A clean room means a clean mind. Or maybe you could make yourself some nice mint tea, grab some cookies and read that book you’ve been wanting to finish in ages? Or, when all else fails, why not binge-watch Sherlock or some other series you love? Just make sure you’re comfortable, and try not to be tempted by your bed.

Of course I know that the way you deal with stress is different for everyone. But before you get in bed and fluff up your sleeping schedule for the rest of the school break, try to think about whether or not there is other stuff you could do. You might even sleep better if you are already relaxed before you go to bed, so dealing with stress in an active way is basically a win-win situation. You will thank yourself  for it later.

post exam void

  • L. Parole

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