“Maybe We Should Just Shoot Them All”

There’s been a lot of wildlife-stuff going on where I live, and it is not something we are used to. For months now the local news has been talking about wolves roaming the country,  blaming them for every single herd-animal death that has occurred (while most proved to have been caused by another animal), talking about how we should control wildlife, either by capturing the wolves or just shooting them. Wednesday, however, they took it up a notch.


Influential Women #18: (Ana) Nzinga Mbande

This post is going to be a little different from the other ones in the series, because this woman is a little different from the other ones in the series, in the sense that she’s not at at all unknown. NZinga Mbande (16th/17th c.) was the queen of the region that is now known as Angola. I have to admit that I hadn’t heard of her before, but queen Nzinga Mbande is one of the biggest figures in Angolan history. When I was reading up on her, I encountered tons of very positive articles, depicting her as a warrior queen, fighting colonisation and slavery, who was always supported by her people. When digging deeper, though, I found something closer to the truth.

Influential Women #17: Hedy Lamarr

I’m low-key offended I hadn’t heard of Hedy Lamarr before I saw her name pass when googling influential women for this series. This woman is awesome as hell, combining beauty and brains like it’s no damn big deal. Most people know Lamarr for her work as an American actress and beauty-icon, but – not surprisingly – little is said about her greatly influential work as an inventor after her career as an actress.

Happy easter! May everyone have a joyous day. I’ve been really busy with school lately, but new posts are coming up soon!